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Merry Christmas, travel, mothers, Caribou, supporting troops, New Years and more...

re: Merry Christmas, travel, mothers, Caribou, supporting troops, New Years and more...

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by » Mon Dec 31, 2018 06:13 pm

Hi all.  I had to work too close to Christmas and decided I really didn't have time to drive up for just one night.  It really wouldn't have left any visiting time and I'd have been exhausted.  My brother has been driving up every weekend.  His girlfriend has been staying there and taking care of her.  She's very conscientious and she's got her work cut out for her.  My brother said she had actually improved since leaving the nursing home but took a turn for the worse December 29.  He thought it was possibly because she had too many visitors and the last time I spoke with her she complained that she wasn't getting enough rest.  I have to work tonight and it's going to be a really long night, so I'll spend much of New Year's day sleeping, and probably head for Illinois this week.

Flying has its own special headaches, especially around the holidays or in questionable weather.  I'd have to drive to Kansas City, which takes an hour and a half and which I'm already sick of doing 2 or 3 times a week, then fight the insane airport traffic, fight the crowds, convince the TSA that I'm not transporting drugs, deal with delays, do the same thing all over again in Chicago, hope I find my luggage, rent a car and fight that traffic.  I know I'd spend more time fighting airports than I would just driving up.

Mom did make Christmas and she did make her birthday, (December 29) and it looks like she'll make New Year's.  I've been trying to call but my brother tells me she just looks at the phone and doesn't answer it.  Her dog is there with her and I know how much she loves that dog.  There is the problem though, that the dog likes climbing up on her, which probably isn't such a good idea right now.

What's going to happen bothers me of course, but I think the things that we wanted to do and never will, bother me the most.  John

re: Merry Christmas, travel, mothers, Caribou, supporting troops, New Years and more...

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by » Mon Dec 31, 2018 04:02 pm

David, glad you had a nice Christmas with your mom.  You know it means the world to her having you there.  Sorry to hear about your nightmare trip home.  So glad I haven't flown since my trip to Ireland eleven years ago. Hoping you have a good new year and next year will be the year we get together and go to Buddy!  Peggy


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NewsMerry Christmas, travel, mothers, Caribou, supporting troops, New Years and more...

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by » Mon Dec 31, 2018 01:18 am


Hi John, how is your mother doing? Did you decide to run up for a day to see her or will you be waiting for January? My thoughts and prayers were with you and your mother over Christmas.


I am trying to get home as I type this. I woke early for my trip and thought the airport would be crowded with returning people today so I got there 4 hours early. It was not crowded, and I am glad I showed up early as my flight to Minneapolis was delayed so much that I would arrive AFTER my connection to Helena, so they rerouted me to Detroit then Minneapolis where I would get in 30 minutes before my next flight home. Being I had 3 hours I headed to the Delta club so I could relax and get some computer work done after my payment of $60 for the one time admittance. It has always been worth that if I have enough time for the free food and coffee and diet soda I can drink! They changed the damn rules in November and now I can only do that IF I have a Delta credit card! Damn! So I sat at Newark for about 3 and finished my 2nd book on the trip and started my 3rd. Got to Detroit and forgot that the airport is SUPER long. I landed at A3 (west end) and my connection was at A76 (west end), a nice 20 minute jaunt. Not complaining, I liked the exercise. Got to Minneapolis and had 20 minutes for my next flight and had to go from one end of the airport to the other, so I ran it with a 15lb backpack of computers/books and crap in a full length wool coat, hat and scarf. I got there JUST in time to find out the flight was delayed 3 hours (meaning I OCULD have taken my Newark to Minneapolis flight and made it). So now I am waiting for that flight.


Ate a salad for my dinner and then went to Caribou coffee to get some joe. There was a barrel there and a big sign that said “Support out troops”. Being an Army brat, I asked the girl (who looked like she was 12) “How do I support the troops”? She was using her phone and smiled at me and nodded and said “yup”. I rolled my eyes and said, “NO, the sign says ‘support our troops’ and I want to know how I do that? Do I buy ground or bean coffee and place it in the barrel?” and she look around, at me, the barrel and said “I don’t know”! Oh my gawd! So I just went to the far end of the counter for my medium light roast and waited and waited and waited. Then after 8 minutes or so a guy looked around and said “Would you like whipped cream on that?”. I said “On a light roast coffee? No”. He said, “oh you get the regular coffee where you ordered it”. So I want back to the clueless girl and she looked at me (putting down her phone) and I said “My coffee?”. She said “Oh, I forgot. Was that a small medium roast?”. “No,” I said, “a medium light roast, por favor”. She seemed a bit confused, and I said “Medoium light roast please”. Finally I am at the gat again with a medium light roast (so I guess) and on my notebook waiting my flight. This is why I dislike flying to NJ from home.


Anyway, had a decent visit with mom. Hated staying at her home alone as usual, was at the nursing home from 10-5 each day and she was very sad to have me leave yesterday. She was very tired and confused one of the days, but that happens when she has guests and is busy for a few days. We did go to Bingo Saturday and she won 3 games and that made her excited. She loved my Christmas gifts (shawl, sweater, crucifix she asked me for a few months back, several nice lunches and 2 flamenco CDs) and I had the priest from the local church come by and give her communion as she asked for. But I am glad to be going home now and look forward to my 10:30pm arrival, making my trip home close to 14.5+ hours door to door this time.


I hope you had a good Christmas John and anyone else reading this and HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year ultimately turn out to be a good year for all, even if some bad thing happen I hope the good out weighs the bad.



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