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FINALLY, I made it in!!!!

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by » Thu Jan 17, 2019 04:29 pm

When I was up to 22, only 7 lived indoors and at one point there were 8.  That was all my indoor environment could reasonably sustain.  Whether they lived indoors or not depended largely on their condition.  Socks for instance, came to me already neutered and declawed.  There was no way I'd leave a declawed cat outdoors.

I started out by leaving food out for a stray and word soon got around.  Every cat in the neighborhood started hanging out.  One of my neighbors started collecting cats, and while I didn't know it, they were angry with me for "stealing" them!  Eventually they told me they finally realized I was just feeding them and they changed from thinking I was a thief to thinking I was an "angel".

One of the reasons I think they stayed was my garage.  I used to keep my car in it but when the weather got bad, I left the car out and left the door up about a foot.  Inside, the temperature never got much below freezing, no matter how cold it was outside.  They had 2 litter boxes in there, lots of cheap blankets to lay on, and empty boxes to play in, plus round-the-clock unlimited food and water.  At one point, David sent me a heating pad that must have been pretty expensive.  It had an electric cable that cats couldn't chew into, and a removable pad that could be washed to go over the heating element.  On a cold day I could always find 3 or 4 cats sitting on it.

When I moved, my friend took on the 12 that were left, and let the 8 who lived inside move in with her.  (She was used to cats and it wasn't really a problem.)  She was that glad to have them.  Sadly, the outside cats are all gone.  Some moved on, some were killed by a rogue dog, and a few just died naturally.  There are still 7 left inside.  On the rare occasion one passes, she gives me a call to let me know, and as she's unable to do it, I have the sad duty of burying it.  I wrap it up in a towel with a toy mouse and bury it beside her house.  She spoils them rotten though and after 9 years, she's only lost the 5.  I still pay the vet bills.  After taking so many on, I didn't want to saddle her with that, and I wanted to make sure they got whatever they needed.  John

re: FINALLY, I made it in!!!!

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by » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:38 pm

I've always been jealous of all of you with your multiple cats but living in a one bedroom condo with pet limits, the most I ever had at one time was three.  Holly, lil Tony is adorable!  Peggy


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie

re: FINALLY, I made it in!!!!

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by » Wed Jan 16, 2019 09:24 pm

The most I had was 11....we built a building off the side fo the house just for the cats with a cat walk. They could come in the main house anytime they wanted. All were rescues as our are now. 


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by » Tue Jan 15, 2019 05:16 pm

That's terrific Tim!  At my high point I was taking care of 22.  (Not all of them lived in the house but they all had access to a warm garage.)  Every month I took a picture of each one, so I knew when I got them, how long they were with me, and when they passed, or in some cases simply disappeared.

In one instance a cat disappeared for 3 years, then suddenly showed up, walked right into the house and went straight for the food bowl as though nothing had happened.  I knew how long he was gone because I could look back to when the pictures stopped.  In several instances there were long term disappearances that later returned so I knew neighbors were taking them in, which was fine with me as long as they were taken care of.

When I had to move amost 9 years ago, I couldn't bring them with me, but a very nice lady who adores furkids took them on for me.  (There were about 12 at the time.)  She keeps me posted about them and I can visit them whenever I like.  I'm only a few miles away.  I finally talked the landlord into one cat, (maybe more down the road but I'm not pushing).  John

re: FINALLY, I made it in!!!!

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by » Tue Jan 15, 2019 06:41 am

I remember Sarah Michelle, Powder, Titan, Mystic and Mercy.........     How are they doing?







My Gang

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by » Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:14 am

Hi Holly I have Blackberry shelter cat,Rosie, my Grandfathers cat when he passed I got her. Joy formal feral that I caught. Claire a coworker had said allergic. Samantha, Noah, Hazel Grace, Katie,Hailee,all shelter cats. Poe rescued by a neighbor. Horatio, Allie shelter cats.Quite the gang but I love them all.Sorry for your losses but I have lost Sarah Michelle 2014,Belly 2013,Reese 2015, Cherohala 7 years old Diabetic ketoacidosis took him,Powder,Titan Mystic and Mercy 2017 and the crusher was losing Shailene in Sept 2018 only 6 months old sedation for spay surgery took her from me.The others were old and it was their time but still hurt to lose them. Tim

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