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Happy Friendaversary David!

re: Happy Friendaversary David!

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by » Mon Feb 18, 2019 09:25 pm

re: Happy Friendaversary David!

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by » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:35 pm

Katja, no problem at all!  I can totally relate to reacting 'in my mind'!  Peggy


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I'm sorry Peggy!

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by » Wed Feb 06, 2019 08:38 pm

I thought that I reacted already to the scrapbookpages you posted, but now I see I only reacted 'in my mind' and proceeded to talk on other subects! I'm sorry! I loved to see the pages again! With the pictures of Faffie and Snuitje. Faffie was so funny when he was a kitten with those tufts of hair behind his ears.

Thanks a lot!


re: Happy Friendaversary David!

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by » Fri Feb 01, 2019 04:43 pm

I grew up with dogs, had at one time about a dozen mice, and believe it or not, once had a couple of ducks.  I didn't get my first cat till I was about 30.  Now I can't imagine being without them.

By the way, that was a cute costume, Katja.    John

re: Happy Friendaversary David!

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by » Fri Feb 01, 2019 03:33 pm

What a pretty kitty!

I had rabbits and mice growing up. 

Larger dogs to scare me, but I was attacked by Irish Setters a few times in my life, so I assume that is the reason they scare me. Smaller ones are fine and I would consider one, but I am happy with cats for now. ;)


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re: Happy Friendaversary David!

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by » Thu Jan 31, 2019 09:46 pm

When I rented my first apartment (instead of just one room in a 'shared' household with other students), two years after I finished studying, first thing I did was find a cat 'of my own' to live with me. I adopted Snuf, she was a tortoiseshell cat of around six years old who had to leave a students-home because someone was allergic to her. One month later I adopted Snuitje, she was a kitten. Two years later I got Faffie, so then I had three cats in an apartment.

That was the most cats I had at the same time. After that I had only two or one cat at a time.

But before I had room to have cats living with me I had other pets: rats :-) White ones and black and white ones. They were fun to have but of course you don't 'bond' with them like you can with cats (or dogs). I did bond with them but not as 'deep'.

I grew up as a child with cats (and guinea pigs and mice), and was a 'cat'person from the beginning :-) Here let me show you some pictures of my first cat and me as a cat person, hahaha (that picture was for a costume party, not that you think I was dressed like that all day).

And I was always a bit scared of dogs, at least for the big or loud ones. But ever since I'm a volunteer at the shelter after taking care of the cats and cuddling/playing with them, I 'walk dogs'. Only the small/medium ones and not the ones that have 'behavioral issues', but I like it a lot.

But not enough to consider adopting one. Besides, when you are living alone like me, and can't take the dog to work, of course it isn't an option to have the dog stay at home alone for so long. For cats it is a bit different I think (and when I work most days I come home for lunch break).




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