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by » Sat Jan 26, 2019 06:32 pm

Oh yes, I have heard that.  With Van Gogh, I have to settle for other things.  She's very quiet and rarely purrs.  She's not very affectionate, although she does stare at me a lot.  She attacks and plays a little too hard because she grew up without any playmates but even at that, she doesn't play or attack as hard as she could.  She does make up for it when I go to bed.  This morning I woke up and she was laying right behind me so we had some quality time before I got up.  John

re: Names

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by » Sat Jan 26, 2019 05:06 am

John, google..".cats purring proven to help human health in numerous ways."  Cats are very special!



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by » Thu Jan 24, 2019 04:04 pm

I was thinking about all the furkid names I've given over the years.  Some were suggested by friends, some were descriptive, based on looks or behaviors and some just for fun.  Van Gogh of course, was named because part of her right ear is missing.  No idea why.  It wasn't frozen off because she'd never seen cold weather when I got her.  It's just gone.

It also occurs to me that Van Gogh has no idea what her name is because I never call her that, except in reference to her.  It's always "kitty","kid", "ornery", "baby", or even "sweetheart".  When she's doing something she's not supposed to, shredding paper towels or the furniture, it's simply "Cat!".  When she's attacking me, which she only does in play, she's "crazy cat".

When I go to bed at night, she'll curl up right in my face and I'll put one hand up beside her.  Then I don't call her anything.  I just smile in the dark.  I'm sure she can see it, even if she doesn't know what it means.  In minutes she's asleep.  Minutes later, I'm asleep.  Sometime during the night she'll get up and wander away and amazingly, it never wakes me up.  John

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