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Life goes on for some...

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by » Thu Mar 07, 2019 04:20 pm

Well, as I've often said, if this were some kind of design, it's really not a very good one.  I don't think I eat as much meat as most but it's still too hard to be a complete vegetarian, and even if I were, animals are pretty much forced to be rough on each other.  I live pretty close to a chicken plant and I regularly see big truckloads of chickens on their way in.  I hate being reminded almost every day what's about to happen.  They call it the "great circle of life".  Too bad it can't be the "great straight line of life".  John

Life goes on for some...

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by » Wed Mar 06, 2019 04:52 pm


2 days ago when I was driving home from work in the bitter cold (it was about -10f), I saw a hawk that had taken down a pigeon or something like that and was packing him apart. The hawk stood on pigeon in the snow as the pigeon was flailing it’s wings and feathers were flying up and the hawk was pecking him apart. It was not pleasant to see and thankfully I drove past it quickly enough. While I am happy the hawk had food and will continue to live, I am saddened over the poor pigeon meal. Life goes on in this bitter cold and snow for some.



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