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re: Easter

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by » Mon Apr 22, 2019 02:38 pm

Karly had a ball hunting for eggs, and there were a bunch of them.  Plastic eggs filled with candy, stickers and a few toys.  I had one with 75 cents in it because she's a sucker for those little toy machines inside restaurant doors.  Half the eggs were inside and half were outside, though I slept through the outdoor hunt.

I finally got up a little after noon and we went to the park where I probably walked a couple of miles, chasing her around from one thing to another.  After that, I pretty much did nothing at all.  Last night I only got about 5 and a half hours of sleep, but today will be a fairly lazy day.  A shower and pumping gasoline will probably be the most strenuous part of it.  John

re: Easter

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by » Mon Apr 22, 2019 02:00 pm

Hi John!

Hope you are not too tired now. How was the Easter Egg hunt?

I rested most of Easter.




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by » Sun Apr 21, 2019 06:17 pm

I got back from playing in Kansas City about 5:00 AM, went to bed about 6:00 AM, up for the granddaughter's Easter egg hunt at 6:45 AM, back in bed about 7:15 AM.  That's a lot of AMs but after that, everything was PM.  John

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