How old is your cat really?

by Hamlet

Understanding how old your feline friend is in human years is not as hard as you may think. I have to explain this backwards (after all I am a cat and I KNOW how old I am). Let me start by saying that we cats do not age purrfectly the same. Some breeds mature more slowly than others, and some have a longer expected lifespan. So take this formula with a grain of salt. On average, a 1 (one) year old housecat is about the same as a 15 year old human. A 2 (two) year old housecat is about the same as a 24 year old human. After the 2nd year for a cat just add 4 years to the human total for each additional year old your cat pal is. For example, I am almost 9 ½ years old as I write this. For simplicity lets say I am 9. That makes me 24 plus 4 for each additional year over 2, or 28. Add the 24 and 28 and you see I am 52 years old (more like 54 if you figure that half year in).

If you are not as good at math as I am, here is an age calculator I made. Just pick the age of your cat to see what the equivalent human age is.

How old is your cat:

My cat is years old.

Your cat's age in human years is: 0.

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