In loving memory of ^Nova^


In loving memory of ^Andromeda^

Meet the CoolCyberCats

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Who are the CoolCyberCats?

We are an eclectic group of cats who banded together to create our own place on the internet. Our goal is to bring a smile to your face, a tear to your cheek, introduce knowledge and ideas to your mind and purr-haps a song to your heart.

We started this website in the summer of 2001 with 3 founding CoolCyberCats: ^Hamlet^, ^Itchy^ and ^Leo^. We were later joined many more CoolCyberCats who live with us or are a large part of our lives and hearts. Though some of our group is no longer with us the site does not ignore them, as their stories offer courage, fear, sorrow, laughter, knowledge, hope, and tears.

Ready for Election Year?

Whether you are a Democat or Repubkitten, don't let this opportunity slip through your paws! Your local animal shelter would be happy to register your pawlitical leaning by adopting a cat or kitten! Each page on this site will show you some featured adoptable cats. Please support your local shelter!

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