Meet our friends...

Archie is a very lovable cat. He is very very hansome and ever so cleaver. He can open doors, open cupboard doors and open cat food pouches. He can pick open my locked boxes, and can open draws. He will never quit at trying to go outside. ever.

Roxanne is ment to be a tortie point siamise, but her points arnet spotty enough. She is just like most siamise'es, but she is (no afence to her) thick. She runs into doors, tables, legs, just about everything she can run into. She walks over the cooker (of corse we try to stop her, wich we always do) and she hits her head or back when she jumps of the sofa and hits the coffee table. ouch. She falls off my bed, the sofa, the stairs and the tables. But she is so funny and very lovable.

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