Meet our friends...

Comet, a Lynx-Point Siamese+DSH custom-blend, age unknown, lives in los Angeles with her slaves Gennie & Alan. She landed at their place in 1996, courtesy of the Pomona Valley Humane Society, So. Calif., when the comet Hale-Bopp appeared in the night skies hence her name. She wishes everyone Good Health (black maneki-nekko), Good Fortune (white maneki-nekko) and, especially for Hamlet, Good Eating (toy flounder).

Comet passed away in the autumn of 2003. She was a loved and special cat and will be missed by all who knew her. We here at CoolCyberCats would like to give a big hug to Gennie for all she did for us this year (2004). Comet was lucky to have such special human friends, and they were lucky to have such a special feline friend. Though comet may not be here any more, she did, is and forever will make the heavens a lot brighter for all!

(to our special friend, Lola from the CoolCyberCats and David)
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