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He arrived in April of 1997 and life for his owner was not the same since.

His owner learned that an old woman had been put in a nursing home and that her landlord had thrown her 10 cats onto the street that very day. To make matters worse, neighbors reported that all of her cats went unfed and were badly abused due to her senility. NYCA was able to locate and rescue most of the cats. One of them was a large male tuxedo who was big and regal and had had silky, long fur.

As soon as he arrived at his new home, he was removed him from the carrier and that was when the growling began. Before his new owner had a chance to wonder why he was growling, his fangs were embedded in her arm. Count Count Dracula does not want to be cuddled.....hence the growling and biting.

It took over two years, and although his eyes are still two angry slits, Count Dracula did done a 99% turn-around. Happily, he become a constant friend and companion. He was forever at his owner’s side purring away like mad and followed her from room to room so that she was never out of his sight. He enjoyed sitting at the computer while she worked, all the time keeping one paw on her hand as she move the mouse.

A year ago Count Dracula started to lose weight. It turned out to be a liver problem. Saturday when he was taken to his vet to be detoxed, the vet took one look at him and said he needed to be euthanized. He had become filled with water and was in pain.

His liver was so bad it was almost gone. His heart was also now bad. He would have died in days.

In his last month he had lost almost all his hair on one side because of the liver disease. He is no longer in pain now.

(to Count Dracula from the CoolCyberCats)
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