Meet our friends...

Jasper is a one year old male tabby we adopted from a neighboring farm when he was about 8 weeks old. He likes to climb on the cat tree, chase Percy and help him clean those hard to reach spots behind his ears. His favorite toy is the plastic ring that comes off the milk jugs and his favorite time to play is 3:30 AM. He also protects the house from invisible invaders that come in the middle of the night by chasing them over and under the beds at extremely high rates of speed usually when we are sleeping soundly. He is a little psycho but when he wants loving, he is the sweetest guy ever!

Percy is a 3 month old Maine Coon cat. He is going to be huge and already weighs 5 lbs. He is very laid back and easy going. He walks on a leash and doesn't seem to be afraid of strangers. He likes to play with Jasper and loves to have his tummy tickled. With Percy, just about anything goes. Jasper thinks he is cute and alot of fun to chase, but maybe a little bit of a suck up!!

We live in Concord North Carolina in the country. Both guys are strictly inside because there are lots of hazards around......from tractors to trucks to overly zealous dogs....but they enjoy the rural view and have lots of neat animals and birds to look at through our windows.

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