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Lola is a British domestic shorthair (originally all black, but going quite grey now in places), who was born on 4th November 1986 - so she will be 17 this year! She is a rescue cat from the British cat charity 'Cats Protection League' or 'CPL'. You might like to take a look at their website if you get a spare moment - it's

Lola lives in West Sussex, in the South East of England. Lola was rescued by the CPL after she had been abused by her previous owners. Amongst other things, they starved her, broke her tail and stubbed a cigarette out on her stomach.

The CPL had her for over a year (they are a no-kill charity) before I adopted her when she was 3-and-a-half years old. Apparently, black cats aren't ery popular for some reason and no one wanted to adopt her...! She also had a sister at the shelter, but they had to be kept separate because they fought so much. In fact, Lola fights any cat (I'm sure she thinks she's a dog!) and we have to keep her in for their sake (and her safety, of course), although she has access to an enclosed garden. Lola is quite a chubby cat because even now, she thinks every meal is her last (about the only long-term psychological damage we've seen evidence of) and she likes to *gently* remind us to feed her from about 4am onwards. Continually. Until one of us gives in and gets up. In addition to her usual food (Hill's Science Senior) she also likes very spicy foods like Indian curries, the spicier of the Chinese dishes and Mexican food. She will also try to steal pizza if you turn you back for a second - her favourite is Pizza Hut's 'Vegetarian Hot One'. She has become quite partial to Kung Po Chilli Tofu, but she is only allowed a tiny amount as a treat!

Russ was the only boyfriend I had to receive the 'Lola seal of approval', and she was very happy for us to get married. She didn't like any of my other boyfriends and use to fight (sometimes literally!) for my attention if we were all together in the same room! Russ did the very sensible thing when he first met her, of ignoring me and making a HUGE fuss of her! It worked! However, she now loves him more than she loves me. :o(

She's extremely friendly and affectionate (with people, but not babies/children!), with the loudest purr I have ever heard. You can also hold 'conversations' with her for quite some time by miaowing back at her.

(to our special friend, Lola from the CoolCyberCats and David)
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