Meet our friends...

(May 1983 with Daniel)

Today, around 4:00pm, my father took our oldest and dearest friend kitty, "Mittens," to the vet to have her put to sleep. She'd been having a harder and harder time walking, cleaning, and relieving herself.

Today she spent most of the morning and afternoon lying by the water bowl, managing to drink after confusion, and then throwing up. In the interest that she shouldn't suffer, and with much love for our cat, we decided that it was best that she should be put down.

She lived eighteen and a half years, was born in Cleveland Ohio to the Breweres on Neville, a litter of six, and moved with us to Darien in 1993.

We'll miss her.

meow. (Daniel)

(to Mittens from the CoolCyberCats)
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