Meet our friends...

Tonto is the sweetest big dufus. He makes me love him so much more everytime he has one of his "not so bright" moments.

Gracie is my scaredy cat that has come around in leaps in bounds in the 5 years I have be blessed with her presence. She is the my silly demin and belly rubbing baby. In this picture she was trying to blend in so we couldn't find her. ;o)

Maggie is the such a sweet little torti doll. She loves to sleep on me when I first go to bed and loves to give me kitty kisses and kitty pats if she thinks I am faking sleep.

OK is my big orange wonder. I wonder what to do with all that personality at times. He is very much a loud mouth who is not afraid to express his opinions.

rose(to Gracie from the CoolCyberCats and David)
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