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Hi. It's me, Pink.

Mom tol’ me I have to write to you an’ tell you what I did on my summer vacation. I think she’s silly ‘cause you pro’bly don’t even know who I am.

My name is Pink and I live with my mom an' my Uncle Bill in Massachusetts. Samm and Bubba live here too. Bubba thinks she's the queen, and Samm is just a big fat squidge.

Momma works in QA for some guy named Julian. She worked mostly this summer, but she did come out and play with me sometimes. Mostly, what I did on my summer vacation was be a wild animal in the woods.

Some of my favorite things are snakes, moles 'n chipmunks – but I 'specially like red squirrels and birds. One day, Uncle Bill took a picture of me an' a mole I brought home. I don’ like to eat these though.

An’ then the next day, Bubba got a chipmunk that was kinda cool.

Well, I better go an’ be a wild animal some more. I think I see somethin ’



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