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Skeeter, My Dear Sweet Kidlet
May 2000 - August 6, 2001

Skeeter is my dear sweet kidlet who went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 6, 2001. He suffered from feline leukemia. He was only 16 months old.

Dear sweet Skeeter, your mom loves you and always will! One day, you and I will meet again, never to be separated. I miss you terribly Skeeter! You will be loved forever and never forgotten.

Skeeter was just a little guy when we took him in - about two months old. I was not sure how he would do in our house when we were not home. So for his safety, I borrowed a large dog cage that he could stay in during the day, with food, water and a litter pan. Later, when he was older, he was allowed free run of the house - day and night.

Skeeter would spend time with us in the evening when we came home from work. When it was time for bed, he would go into his borrowed cage. For at least half an hour he would make all kinds of noise until he settled down. It sounded like there were at least 10 different cats out there with him! He would do the same thing again in the morning. It is the funniest thing to hear a little kitten sound like a 10 or 12 pound tomcat and a little kitten just a few seconds later!

Skeeter and I spent a lot of time together, playing, laying down watching tv, running up and down the hall, etc. All Skeeter had to do was look around the corner of the hallway and give me that "look" with his ears pinned back and he knew he had my attention! I would drop whatever I was doing and run after him. When I caught up to him, he would arch his back at me and look so very bad! I always ended up laughing at him - and looked forward to his "Halloween Kitty" imitation. I guess it was so funny because there was not a single bad bone in Skeeter - he was sweet through and through.

Skeeter and I became the best of buddies. I was always telling him that he was "the best pussycat in the whole wide world!". Oh, we loved each other (and still do). That little bundle of orange fur really was the best furkid in the whole wide world. Skeeter and I really bonded - it was a bond of true love. Yes, true love does exist between humans and their furkids!

I always said that Skeeter was an angel sent from Heaven. But, the part I did not think about often was that one day Heaven would take my dear sweet angel from us. I did not know when or how, but I knew it would come much, much too soon. So, in the meantime, we made the best of his short, but very sweet life. We shared as much love and time together as possible.

To say the Skeeter was spoiled would be an understatement! I let that little boy do whatever he wanted (even if it meant walking on the kitchen table). One time when he was on the table, I picked him up and set him down on the floor. He jumped back up, took a real serious look at me - and kind of "said" - "hahaha - I'm gonna do it anyway!" - and he ran across the table just because he could! Oh, how I laughed with him - because I know he was laughing too! That was the "worst" thing he ever did. That sweet little boy just did not have it in him to do anything bad.

One day, I noticed that Skeeter was not feeling well at all. He was very hot to the touch and barely moving. This came on all of a sudden - no warning whatsoever. I took him to the vet and found out that this was the FeLV flaring up. This was the first time it ever affected him. From that point forward, Skeeter and I spent a good amount of time at the vet's office. He received a number of transfusions and medications as he had anemia from the FeLV.

My husband and I decided that we would do whatever we could to help Skeeter have a good quality of life. As long as Skeeter had the will to live, we would help him do it. Let me tell you, Skeeter was one heck of a fighter! It was his strength and courage to live that helped me help him. To this day, Skeeter is my hero. He was the most brave and courageous little boy I have ever known!

Unfortunately, on August 6, 2001, Heaven decided it was time to take my sweet little angel from me. Skeeter told me in his own way that it was time for him to go. I guess Skeeter's body could not take any more. It was his time to get his wings and halo and return to Heaven. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I had to honor Skeeter's wishes and help him go to the Rainbow Bridge.

When it was time to help Skeeter go to the Bridge, his vet, for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect, was there to help us. She told me that she would give me as much time as I wanted with Skeeter before we helped him on. I told her I wanted her in the room with me. I told Skeeter all kinds of things - how much his Daddy and I love him, how much I would miss him, and that one day we would meet again. I hugged and kissed him when the vet administered the drug that would help him on to the Bridge.

There are a few things for which I am grateful - one, that I was there to help him go to the Bridge, two, that Skeeter made it very clear that it was his time, and lastly, that his most kind and loving vet was there to help us. His vet and I both cried and hugged each other. It was a very bittersweet moment, one that I will never forget. His vet will be blessed at least a hundred times over for the love and care she gave to Skeeter.

I am so very grateful that Skeeter was a part of my life. My husband and I love that dear sweet little boy so very much. We miss him a lot. One day we will be with Skeeter once again.

Skeeter, you will always be my dear sweet little kidlet. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of our life. You are deeply missed, but we know that one day we will meet again - never to be apart from each other. There will always be a big orange fuzzball in my heart - and that is you, my dear sweet little boy. Heaven is a lot brighter now that you have gotten your wings. Oh, sweet boy, I know you will never forget us - and we will never forget, nor will we ever stop loving you.

(to Skeeter from the CoolCyberCats)
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