Meet our friends...

Static was the cool uncle (or would it be grand uncle) we never knew. He was originally owned by David's father until he moved off to military school, then became David's grandparents. Static joined the family sometime in 1934. From what we know of Static he was a much beloved dog. Static lived in New York City (on West 172nd St. for most of his life). He lived to be 19 years old. On June 9th 1953 Static left the family.

(Static with David's father)

David's grandparents always spoke of Static and had many pictures of him in the house. They very much missed him.

(Static with David's grandparents)

A permanent plot was purchased for Static in Wantagh, Long Island, New York at the Bide-A-Wee pet memorial park. One day David plans to go there and see the area and pay his respects.

(Static, you will always be remembered by the CoolCyberCats)
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