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Hi. Hello, my dear friends. I'm Uni and I was born in 4/15/03. You can see my picture how small I was in 1 month old. My parents just treat me like a princess since I was born. As you can see, I can go to my dad's bed even thou' I just went to his home.

I like to play with my dad aggressively. Although many people think that I'm a sassy girl, I'm still very affectionate and playful to my mom's friends and my dad's co-workers, and even people praise my pretty when my parents giving me a ride to see the scenery in San Diego.

I always sleep like a kid with my dad since he's very warm and make me comfy. And my mom's legs are very smooth to sleep too.

And now, I grow up now, I'll be 1 yr old lady two months later. I'll be waiting for my prince coming to know me and hope that my parents can find me a bf pretty soon.

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