Cat Contest Past Entries

Winning cat from November 2021 contest


Uploaded By: jenprad
Here’s my favorite of my Nyxy boy being all cute and cross-eyed from happiness because of a new box.

Winning cat from September 2021 contest


Uploaded By: Angela C
Luther looking puffy here as he's spotted a neighbor cat outside! Luther is our indoors-only adopted boy, who loves food to a fault and playing with many a wand toy. Thank you for your consideration!

Winning cat from August 2021 contest


Uploaded By: Beth
Sheldon snoozing after a big play.

Winning cat from July 2021 contest


Uploaded By: Tim
This is Joy I think I took this picture with my phone on Jan 16 2021 I can't get good pictures using a smartphone. She is getting old and thin now I caught her in Oct of 2011 wild as they come but she will set with me on the couch and sleep while I watch tv and I can occasionally even pick her up and hold her for awhile.

Winning cat from June 2021 contest

Ghost Moon with

Uploaded By: Jackie Mize
Ghosty with Buffalo Hide and Elk Snake from CoolCyberCats

Winning cat from October 2020 contest

Van Gogh

Uploaded By: John usual.
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