Cat Contest Past Entries

Winning cat from August 2021 contest


Uploaded By: Beth
Sheldon snoozing after a big play.

Winning cat from July 2021 contest


Uploaded By: Tim
This is Joy I think I took this picture with my phone on Jan 16 2021 I can't get good pictures using a smartphone. She is getting old and thin now I caught her in Oct of 2011 wild as they come but she will set with me on the couch and sleep while I watch tv and I can occasionally even pick her up and hold her for awhile.

Winning cat from June 2021 contest

Ghost Moon with

Uploaded By: Jackie Mize
Ghosty with Buffalo Hide and Elk Snake from CoolCyberCats

Winning cat from October 2020 contest

Van Gogh

Uploaded By: John usual.

Winning cat from December 2019 contest

Christmas Itchy

Uploaded By: CoolCyberCats
^Itchy^ Loved sleeping under the tree. I had to eventually move the garland and lights higher because he would chew on both! He was and always will be my official Christmas Cat. IF this entry wins, the FIRST comment posted with a no-kill shelter name and info will get a $250 donation. In order to get them the donation before the end of the month I am going to use votes and comments on Christmas day (in honor of ^Itchy^). (If someone does enter the contest and win's, I'll still make the donation but will pick the shelter myself AND the winner still gets a prize)

Winning cat from November 2019 contest

Sonia Solis

Uploaded By: FoxySonia
Leo OMally can't wait to play with his new packrat toy.
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