Cat Contest Past Entries

Winning cat from September 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Paula Swan
Daisy in her cave

Winning cat from August 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Ajewell
My toy

Entry in August 2023 contest

Minnie Kroll

Uploaded By: Mary Kroll
Minnie's favorite toy above all are the mice sold by Cool Cats. She carries them everywhere in the house and slams them under doors for a game of hide and seek. We fostered her back in April 2020 and by May 2020, she was officially adopted by us. She i considered a special needs kitty because she is FIV+ bit so far, she is living a happy and healthy life with us. BTW, She was named Minnie by her rescue group because the black marking on her nose looks like Mickey Mouse ears...we didn't have the heart to change it:)

Entry in August 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Paula Swan
Daisy playing with her new leather string from

Winning cat from July 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Kimlc
Freya was rescued from an extreme hoarding situation. Unfortunately Freya's Mom was removed when Freya was only 4 weeks old. Rescuers did not know that another little black kitten was left behind. When Freya was 10 weeks old she was discovered. It is not known how she survived. She was so tiny, about 1/2 the size of her litter mates and very sick. We did not know if she would make it. Her eyes were so infected we didn't know if she even had a left eye. She also had a terrible respiratory infection. We nursed her around the clock. She was once almost feral, not trusting anyone, on deaths doorstep. Now she is the most loving kitty, who loves to snuggle, talk and play. She will always be small for her size but she has a big loving personality to make up for it! We couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Winning cat from June 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Ddgwriter
Hugo will be celebrating 6 months in his forever home this month! He was a shy, lonely boy curled in the back of a cage at the shelter when we met him. But he'd bonded to one of his roommates and when he took a chance and gave me his belly, we took a chance and took them both home. Turns out that when he's in a safe and loving space, Hugo is the sweetest and most playful boy ever. He's still rather shy, but also extremely curious. We can't imagine life without him and his brother now!
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