Cat Contest Past Entries

Winning cat from January 2024 contest

Evie and Turkey Tendon

Uploaded By: Rosethorn
Nomnom turkey tendon

Entry in January 2024 contest

Stella and Violet

Uploaded By: Kate Daniels
2 sisters adopted from Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene, OR

Winning cat from December 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Ddgwriter
Pepi will be celebrating one year in his forever home this month! He is a former street cat who we adopted from the shelter last December. He has adapted to being a house cat very well. He loves good food, soft beds, belly rubs, and his adopted brother Hugo.

Winning cat from November 2023 contest

Genevieve in the wild

Uploaded By: Rosethorn
Genevieve was adopted from Forever Fortunate Felines. She was visiting the porch of one of the volunteers for food and they decided to trap and rescue her. Since then, Evie has been a part of many adventures with me, from running in her cat wheel, to doing tricks, to discovering new toys (including her coolcybercat attachments), to the occasional stroll in the backyard. Here is a picture from one of her adventures.

Winning cat from September 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Paula Swan
Daisy in her cave

Winning cat from August 2023 contest


Uploaded By: Ajewell
My toy
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