April - Aug 2002

Calliope Relaxes by the window.
Mull Deer visit our yard often.
The view east from our front deck
Setting up the Wireless Internet on the hill.
Setting up Internet access at the house.
Hawks over the house
Our CoolCyber house!
Believe it or not this was taken June 10 in the driveway!
The road off our mountain.
Leo relaxes on the couch.
Morning in our driveway
More Mule Deer visit in the morning.
Taken a mile from the house.
On the way to York (5 miles from home).
Adandoned house near home.
A view from the top of our property.
Another view from the property top.
Another view from the top of our property.
Poor Hamlet lookng out the door.
Hamlet the day he returned from the vet.
Prickly Pear flower in our yard.
A rainbow seen from the house.
A sunset from the porch.
10 minutes later.
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