April 2004

Hamlet rests after a hard day of stealing food
"Hey, you sure are tall!"
"Do I look cute or what?!"
"I am King of the condo!"
"You see the front of my cute face all the time, check out my cute profile now!"
Calliope tries to jump up the condo to get away from annoying Orion
"Now where the heck did Calliope run off to?"
Calliope looks over the condo to make sure Orion is far away!
Looking so cute takes a lot of energy
"One spot left to clean... There!"
Calliope tries to fight off Orion
A lone tree in a field on the way to Bozeman
Same tree, different angle and in B/W
I just love this tree!
The mountains outside of Bozeman
An Osprey on the way to Bozeman
Same Hawk
A prairie dog in Bozeman
"Now I am king of the couch!
"Finally that black cat is gone, I can rest!"
The picture really came out like this! Electra.
Itchy sleeps
Copycat on the deck
Itchy, the wonder cat
Leo tries to fight off Orion
Copycat on her pillow on the deck
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