July - Sept 2004

Mother and baby deer visit on 7/14/2004
I set up the mountain Cam on 7/18/2004 
If the cam were turned to the left (east) this would be the view
More deer on 7/20/2004
Mother and babies visit on 7/20/2004
One of our garden residents on 7/25/2004
Orion plays in a condo 8/4/2004
What a smile!
Hamlet visits the vet on 8/6/2004
Leo sits in the computer chair on 8/6/2004
Onthe way to Great Falls - 8/7/2004
Still going to Great Falls.
Bald Eagle on the way to Missoula - 8/21/2004
Leo relaxes in NJ aftr a long day of flying. 9/21/2004
Meet Apollo(r) and Andromeda(l) - 9/16/2004
Orion discovers the Kat Walks as it goes up 9/17/2004
"I think I am too big for this!"
A rainbow on 9/20/2004
You could see it end on the road! I looked for the pot.
See it going behind the trees to the road?
And it was a DOUBLE rainbow. See the lighter one above it?
The fainter one starts between the 2 trees.
More Kat Walks up and Orion tries them again
Andromeda 9/21/2004
Andromeda and Apollo playwith my glasses
Hamlet gets to remove the collar if he wears a shirt when we are home. 9/22/2004
"Get this stupid shirt off me!"
The balcony is up! 9/22/2004
See Orion in the upper left?
Calliope tries it out next
Apollo and Andromeda go to the vet 9/23/2004
Andromeda (pictured) and Apollo play in the new addition on 9/23/2004
Andromeda Jumps
And again
"This will teach you Andromeda!"
"I could have danced all night..."
New toys
Apollo learns to push the ball
Apollo takes it over
Apollo throws the mouse and Andromeda runs to get it
Andromeda: "I am tired now"
Apollo rests under a chair
When we bought this Toshiba 28" LCD 780 HiDef TV it cost over $4800! We bought a 50" Sony LCD 1080p HiDef TV last fall and it was only $1500! That will teach me to buy something as soon as it is released!
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