Mar - Oct 2016

Orion Relaxes on March 22nd
A wild Turkey seen from my car on April 4th
Perseus sits on the steps on April 30th
A Bushy Tailed Wood Rat (Pack Rat) I live trapped on the deck. May 7th
I let him go about 10 miles away at the reservoir late at night
He is about to jump from the bench and run into the woods.
Wile pulling weeds on May 8th I came across this Black Widow Spider
Perseus plays with one of my Deer Snake attachments on May 15th
More playing
A double rainbow seen from home on May 21st
Antelope on the way home from work on June 1st
While weeding I came across this Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth Caterpiller on July 9th
Orion and Nova play with some Buffalo Hair catnip toys I made on August 17th
Nova plays with a catnip apple on August 17th
Perseus plays with the apple on August 18th
Full rainbow (and a double) on October 17th
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