May - July 2003

The Mountian Blue Birds return!
Leo yawns after an afternoon nap.
Early morning fog over the lake
Hamlet watches the feral cat eat.
Resting on the couch.
Guarding the house from the deck.
Bob, the stray bobtail.
Leo sleeps while bills get paid.
King Hamlet watches his subjects.
Hamlet & Itchy watch CopyCat eat.
Calliope watches Hamlet.
Electra relaxes.
Copycat on the deck.
Hamlet loves Patsy''s gift.
Antelope near the house.
Deer eat in the driveway.
Still loving the gift.
Trying to eat the gift.
Electra explores the deck.
Leo discovers the window bed!
He won''t let me take it!
Electra explores more of deck.
Antelope near the house.
Hamlet watches the birds.
Watching the birds again.
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