Nov - Dec 2004

The weather warmed up enough in early November that the chipmunks returned for a few days.
At one point there were 4 on the deck.
On of the first pictures of Nova on the deck.
Just before Christmas the weather became fridged and I managed to catch Nova.
Nova explores the shop on Christmas Eve.
The shop where Nova stayed is heated and 24x36 feet (864 sqf)
Part of the floor has carpet, so he was not on concrete all the time.
He was full of mats and had tape worms.
He was very friendly and playful.
On December 27th we was fixed, dewormed, the bad tight mats cut out and vaccinated.
We began to search for someone we felt would be a good owner to take Nova.
By late January with no takers, we decided he had become part of our lives and adopted him ourselves.
Calliope plays in a backet in the bay window on Christmas morning.
She settles in to look for birds outside.
Hamlet overdoses on catnip toys found in his stocking.
Andromeda play with some Christmas toys. They became sick that afternoon and we had a bad scare for 2 weeks.
"Okay, no birds. I wonder if this pillow is comfortable?"
Apollo tries to decide what to play with next.
Orion stretches and relaxes after a long catnip session.
"Wow man! I feel like I am floating!"
Later he goes to the heated bed on the couch to recover some more.
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