Nov 6th 2004 Last Rockies Rail Tour

Morning outside of Helena.
Old abandoned tunnel just behind the train.
Old abandoned(?) farm.
You can see the front of the train crossing the tressel bridge.
Near the top of the pass.
The front of the train enters a tunnel that is about 1 mile long.
View as our car is about to enter the tunnel.
Looking from our domed car forward.
Left side view from our dome.
Train curves around the base of a mountain.
Looking foward.
The noon sun is getting in the way but it is still a wonderful view.
A river runs along the tracks.
We are about 15 or 20 minutes out of Missoula now.
The train enters a short tunnel.
Abandoned power station once used for a send set of train tracks that are no longer there.
The river still is running along the tracks, or is it the tracks are running along the river?
10 minutes outside of Missoula now.
This is the last picture I took before we arrived in Missoula.
After a 3 hour stay in Missoula we are back on the train and on the way to Helena. Moo!
The sun is getting low in the sky, making many of the pictures a bit on the dark side, but still beautiful.
I liked the way the light was reflecting off the mountain here.
The clouds in the sky were starting to take on a pinkish look as the sun began to set.
I like the contrast of the clouds, sky and land.
We are about 45 minutes out of Helena now.
The detail and color on several of the clouds near the sunset were wonderful.
The land was getting too dark to photograph, but the sky still held a lot of beauty.
My last photo of the sun set clouds.
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