Oct - Dec 2003

Leo visits the vet on Oct. 10th.
Copycat looks in the door on a cold day
The full moon rises by our house
Orion sleeping
Orion playing onthe couch
"I''m watching you all for Santa"
Hamlet gets ready for Christmas
Orion on the couch
Orion still on the couch
"But I am too small and tired to pull a sleigh"
"Stop holding them so high!"
Horned Owl from the bird rescue.
Orion has really grown!
Bald Eagle I saw on 12/23! The sun is in front of me so the image is washed.
Bald Eagle again! I love Eagles! They are so large and powerful. I am guessing but I think it stood 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall!
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