Sept - Oct 2003

Finishing up a yawn on the bed.
Itchy keeps me company as foot heals.
Still keeping me company on the bed.
Leo relaxes in afternoon sun.
Leo with Hamlet in the background.
Morning cloulds taken from home.
Orion has learned to get on a condo.
Orion lays behind Hamlet on couch.
The master teaches Orion how to relax.
"So is that me ''live' on this thing?"
A rare moment of rest.
"That is such a good picture of me."
Orion rests on Donna''s sweatshirt.
Calliope rests on the treehouse.
Leo peeks over pillow edge.
Itchy lays on the bed.
Orion pretends to be on TV.
Leo takes in some sun.
Electra rules the room.
Hamlet, Leo and Orion sleep on the couch.
Leo and Orion soak in the sun.
Leo all dressed up.
Leo in his fancy duds.
Urn with Alec.
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