2001 - 2004 Webcams

Below are some of the cat cam images from our past. When I started CoolCyberCats the thought of saving off cam images just never occured to me. I wish it had. The saved off images I have from 2001 are 2002 are very few (in fact all are on this page) are far between. But what I do have represents a small snapshot of the lives of the CoolCyberCats, and I am happy to share them with you. Perhaps you are a long time visitor and remember some of the camera angles and setups? Perhaps they may bring a tear and smile to your face, as they do mine. As time moves forward I have learned the importance of saving off images from time to time, and I rely on you to email me cam images you see live that tickle your fancy.
Dec 23, 2001 : Palatine, Illinois
Leo waits for his dinner on the bed
March 19, 2002 : Palatine, Illinois
^Itchy^ relaxes on the living room condo
April 8, 2002 : Palatine, Illinois
Leo rests on the bed
May 3, 2004 : Helena, Montana
^Itchy^ and Hamlet sleep the morning away
April 9, 2003 : Helena, Montana
This is the only image I have form the webcams that had Electra in it. Of course there were many, but at the time I never imagined I needed to save them off. She is greatly missed.
Electra is in the front in the cream cup. Calliope sleeps on the chair in the back.
May 9, 2003 : Helena, Montana
The window bed camera downstairs used to be set on the couch when Leo liked that spot.
May 11, 2004 : Helena, Montana
This is the last picture taken of sweet ^Itchy^ I have. It is a powerfully sad picture for me as he would no longer be with us less than 24 hours from the them.
Just seeing this picture brings tears to my eyes and a great pain to my heart.
^Itchy^, I miss you so much! You were the bravest cat I ever knew!
Sept 9, 2004 : Helena, Montana
Hamlet after minor surgery in his collar.
Oct 21, 2004 : Helena, Montana
Leo is asleep, unaware Orion is about to join him
Oct 21, 2004 : Helena, Montana
Orion begins to hog the window bed on Leo as he watches the birds
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