Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Cat Litter

by Hamlet

Super -Scoop liter is a premium brand scoopable (clumping) litter produced by the Arm and Hammer Corporation. It is the only scoopable variety that Arm and Hammer produces. We have used this litter for a little over 2 months now, switching from Scoop Away after they discontinued the Super Scoop formula (the new formulas they make just do not kill odors as long or well).

David says that the litter instructions claim that the litter only needs to be replaced every 3 or 4 weeks. Just like with Scoop Away we do not agree. We find that after 2 weeks the box needs to be cleaned and the litter fully replaced. The litter is finer than Scoop Aways was. This seems to be both good and bad. The good is that it feels softer on our paws, so much so even Leo has started to dig in it a bit. The bad is that smaller gains tend to stick to our paws more than larger ones, and so it tracks worse. David claims that it smells a bit better than our old Scoop Away too. All I know is that the new softness on my paws makes me want to dance and dig the day away in my box!

Super - Scoop does clump well generally. There have been a few times David scooped up large clumps and they broke into a lot of small pieces or they stuck to the pan bottom and had to be scrapped out. The clumps tend to break into smaller pieced than Scoop Away did, if they break. David seems to hate this. I personally find it humorous and make it a point to urinate in a long line at least once a day, so when he tries to scoop it up it will break several times. You should see how annoyed this makes him! *he he*

As far as how dusty the litter is, it does not seem to be any worse than the Scoop Away we used to use. In fact the new ?Virtually Dust Free? Scoop Away was virtually more dusty than Arm and hammer Super - Scoop. Explain that to us Clorox!

Over all we like Arm and Hammer Super - Scoop. We do not mind the scent it has and we like the feel/size of the clay chunks. David says that the cost is acceptable IF you purchase the largest box available, but it is still a little more than Scoop Away was per pound. We say the extra cost is well worth the kooshie feeling on our paws!

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