Yeowww! Catnip Cigar

by Orion

Imagine offering your feline buddy a full sized cigar! This is just what David did to me! He handed me a Duckyworld Catnip Cigar and within seconds I fully understood why so many humans like cigars.

The Catnip Cigar is a full sized cloth cigar jam packed with the finest catnip. David tried to convince me that the catnip was high quality Cuban grown and that many cats work in Cuban sweatshops rolling the Caribbean sun-dried catnip into the worlds best tasting and smoothest favored catnip cigars. Of course I did not believe him! He is always trying to trick me like that. But I can say that these are true premium catnip cigars and any cat in their right frame of mind will love them as much as I did!

The Duckyworld Catnip Cigar is a great catnip toy. It is soft, long and looks as much like a real cigar as cloth can. It is also bursting with catnip, no fillers at all! If you like catnip as much as I then I suggest you run right out and get several of these!! Here is a link to the manufacturers website:

You can also buy them from OUR web store at

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