The ORIGINAL Drinkwell Pet Fountain

by Leo

The Drinkwell Pet Fountian is an electric water fountain for cats to drink from. You can get an option reservoir attachment for the rear of the unit if you like. The main unit itself holds about 6 cups of water, and the reservoir doubles the capacity. The unit uses a charcoal filter to keep the water clean and the water flow can be adjusted from a small sprinkle to a gushing flow. It even aerates the water for us! Talk about service!

David bought us 2 of these units with reservoir attachments a few months back. He said it was to help Itchy with his FLUDT. His hope was that the running water would entice Itchy to drink from the stream or just plan old drink more water, which would help keep his bladder clean of crystals. The day he set them up, Itchy an to it, drawn in by the alluring bubbling sound and running water. He could hardly hide his excitement as he lapped away. So David thinks it gets him to drink more often now.

I had not problems figuring it out. David left our old bowls out for 2 weeks as well, so we had a choice. I started using the fountain right away. I like the fact the water is always fresh and filtered for me. Hamlet was the last holdout. He would not use it till he had no choice. It does not seem to have discouraged him from drinking, or encouraged drinking. We just did not want to move onto a new fangled fountain I guess.

David uses distilled water in it for us, so there are no chemicals or minerals to stick to the units motor or gum up the works. Plus it tastes fresher like that!

Pros: It is healthy in my opinion. Encourages us cats to drink more. Filters the water.

Cons: Power cord scares David a bit. He tucks it under a mat but he is always worried we might bit it if we get to it. A pain to clean as it comes apart in many pieces. Needs a lip around bowl so water cannot be splashed out by us while we drink, or spilled out as it is carried to the sink for cleaning.

Over all it is a good design, not perfect, but acceptable. With a bit more tweaking they will have a perfect product on day. We would recommend it now though, especially if your cat has a kidney or urinary tract problem.

The Drinkwell Pet Fountian can be ordered from or from the manufacturer Vet Ventures at

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