Burtsbees Furry Friends Catnip Toy

by Hamlet

Furry friends is the best catnip toy on the market! I love catnip. Most of the toys David buys me that contain catnip are made to look cute for the sake of humans. So much goes into making them look like a small frog or dog or mailman or bat that the original goal is overlooked: to make a catnip toy that cats love. Well Burtsbees figured it out.

The toy is a simple cloth sack. It is not burlap or plastic. It is not shaped like anything or molded to look like something. It lacks any fancy strings, feathers or frilly things. What it does offer is a soft cloth sack containing a wonderful grade of catnip. It is the perfect size for me and I love it. The video of my catnip frenzy on the cams page is me with this toy.

Itchy is not a catnip nut like I, but he does like it a little. The only catnip toy that ever attracted Itchy with the aroma of the herb is the Furry Friends. The ONLY one. He asked me to say “Not being a catnip lover I generally do not play with catnip toys. If I were going to play with one it would only be a Furry Friend!”

Leo does not seem to react to catnip at all, so he never played with the toy.

Now for the really sad news. BurtsBees inc. discontinued making their line of pet products recently! If you have a chance, call them at 800.849.7112 or visit their website (http://www.burtsbees.com) and leave a comment telling them how sad you are that the worlds BEST catnip toy was discontinued.

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