Kitty Hoots ORIGINAL Hare Ball

by Itchy

Fat Cat Inc discontinued the original Hare ball a couple years ago. They have since released a new version of it, but the new one is a LOT smaller and I have not reviewed it.

The Hare Ball is a basic stuffed animal type toy with a long cloth tail. There does not seem to be anything special inside like catnip or something to entice playing with the toy.

I personally like the toy and will play with it on my own at night when everyone is asleep. I am not keen on it being used interactively with David, rather I like to grab the tail and toss the little bunny in the air and try to pounce on it when it lands or catch it mid-air. I would not say it is my favorite toy, but is in my top 5. Hamlet on the other hand just does not get it. He finds the hare boring. If David tosses it Hamlet will make an attempt to snatch it out of the air, but this reaction does not count really as Hamlet would try to catch a 40 ton steel ball if David tossed it. Aside from his enthusiasm to catch an air-born moving object, Hamlet is not enamored with the toy in the least and ignores it. Leo has never played with the Hare Ball, and if I have a say in it he never will. It is mine. Mine, mine mine mine mine, and all mine.

Pros: The toy seems washable. The long tale makes it easy for me to grab and throw. It will not hurt your human friends if they step on it. It is not breakable.

Cons: It really should have a Velcro opening where it can hold catnip or treats. Not a real con, but a snap on the end of the tail that allows a bell to be attached or not would be nice.

I would recommend buying one of these if your feline friend’s tastes seem to be like mine. At worst case you waste a few dollars. At best case your friend will love you more for the hours of entertainment.

The Hare Ball is sold in many stores. It is made by Fat Cat Inc, and can be seen on their web site as

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