High Hopes Ceramic Bowl

by Leo

Sadly, High Hopes went out of business years ago. It is a shame since we loved their products.

High Hopes is a wonderful company. They give 2.5% of every sale (up to 15% of profits) to the Pet Life Foundation. With each purchase of a High Hopes product you help needy animals. With that said I'll give the review of the food dish.

The High Hopes Ceramic Bowls are nice ceramic bowls with a lip (David says the lip makes it easier to hold) that sit in a plastic base that comes in 3 colors (blue, green and purple). The units can be ordered in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. I found small to be quite adequate for us of the feline persuasion. I assume the medium and large bowls would be used for the canine persuasion. The base raises the bowl about 4 inches off the ground, which made getting to the food or water easier in a standing position. Hamlet especially liked the raised bowl.

When David ordered the bowls for us, he also ordered 4 spare ceramics for the bases. This allows him to be lazy and not wash out our bowls after every use, but rather place the dirty ones in the dishwasher and drop a new clean one in the base upon our next meal. Talk about lazy! Shheesshhh!

Each base has 6 total rubber pads, 3 at the top to hold the ceramic bowl in place and prevent it from moving, and 3 on the bottom to keep the bowl in place and prevent it from slipping or moving while we eat from it.

The only complaint was that some of the units were missing the small rubber pads in the upper part, but the High Hopes company was quick to apologize and replace the bases. A minor problem, quickly and pleasantly resolved.

When asked if the bases were dishwasher safe, the salesperson we bought them from was not sure. Being the adventurous type, David promptly placed one on the top rack of the dishwasher and ran a full cycle. Later that evening he proclaimed them to be dishwasher top rack safe!

So if you are looking for a stylish, cat friendly supply of food and water bowls, I say buy a High Hopes Ceramic Bowl (make sure to get small, trust me, Medium was way too big for all of us).

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