Rock n' Roller

by Itchy

The Rock n' Roller is a simple toy that looks like a small ball with a stick through it. The toy also houses a small amount of catnip to help entice your feline friend to play with it.

Hamlet likes the toy the best. He will knock it all around and chase it through out the house at night. He claims that the toy is great and he just loves the rolling/spinning motion of it as he bats it into the walls and furniture. I say he really just likes to annoy David by waking him with the thunks and bangs all night. I have used the toy myself but just do not get it. I do not see what Hamlet sees in it, but to each is own. There are other toys I prefer that Hamlet does not like, and that is fine by me as it means I get to use special toys that he will not steal away.

The pros of this toy are that it is cheap, colorful (it comes in a variety of colors) and simplistic. Heck, hamlet does not even care about the catnip in it and so David never refreshes it.

The cons are that it I so small and flat that David has stepped on a few when he is not looking down or the room lighting is bad. This is not a really bad con since most of our plastic toys are small and get stepped on, and there is little any manufacturer can do about this. Also because it is so short, it gets pushed under furniture and appliances often. One of Hamlets favorite games is to bat it under the refrigerator and then stare longingly under the appliance for the toy, making David feel bad and thus moving the appliance to recover the toy. Hamlet will then bat it right back under and the whole process will repeat a few dozen times. Poor David. David has learned to have several of these toys on hand so as Hamlet loses them he just opens a new pack.

I am a finicky when it comes to toys I like. Hamlet is not as much a picky kitty. If you are not as hard to please with toys as I am then this is a great toy to ask your human friend to buy you!

The toy was made by Animal Magnetism and sold for around $2.50 each.

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