Whiskas Homestyle Favorites

by Itchy

Whiskas Homestyle Favorites come in a multitude of flavors, but my personal favorites are grilled chicken and turkey with giblets. They are wet food but they come in a pouch. The food has some good and bad points.

Bad: I had no clue when David was opening a pouch. It does not have the distinct clink of kibble hitting a bowl or a can being opened. David said that it was harder to get all the food out of the pouch because of the folded bottom. He would scrape it with a spoon and still never got every last wonderfully tasty drop out for us. David also said that the pouch smells worse than the can when empty because the can is easily rinsed and placed in the recycle bin, but the pouch's folds at the bottom hold in gravy and food and requires him to wash it out with a paper towel, soap and water. Also the packets are only 3ozs each. When factored in with the cost (between 30 and 40 cents depending on the store) this can get expensive since ounce for ounce canned food costs less.

Good: Yummy! God do I love wet food. You would have to work pretty hard to make a bad wet cat food! Yummy yummy yummy! David also says it is easy to store in small places being a thin self-standing packet.

The Whiskas website claims the following:

"WHISKAS HOMESTYLE FAVORITES® Food for Cats has a shelf life of two years. This does not mean, however, that a pouch beyond this shelf life date will automatically be bad."

That is scary. The amount of preservatives that must be in them to allow them to be good for 2 years+ bothers David. I personally don’t care and point out to David that a Twinkie has a shelf live of over 5 years, yet he used to eat them.

David also does not give us a meal of pure moist foods, usually he will mix in 10% to our kibble once or twice a week only. Canned food is not good for oral hygiene and preventing tooth problems, it promotes it more than kibble does.

I personally will not be eating any Whiskas for a long while since it is not allowed on my diet to help my FLUDT. (if your cat has FLUDT ask your vet to recommend foods)

Whiskas Homestyle Favorites can be found in many grocery and pet stores nationwide and online pet retailer stores.

Yum Yum Yum!

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