My Autobiography

by Andromeda

Hello. I am Andromeda. My brother Apollo and I lived outside with our mother when we were just little kittens. Sometimes people would chase us or put food out for us, but out mom told us to not trust them, or the big dog that came around a lot. When I was really tiny he may have hurt me, I don't remember because I was too young, but David and our vet think so. When I was about 8 weeks old, that big mean dog ran after us, but mom bravely saved us. She fought the dog while we hid. It was a scary fight and after it mom had to leave forever. The next thing we knew a big human man grabbed us and put us in a dark box. After a while we met a nice lady who took us to a vet's office. At the office we were given tests and shots and we were really scared.

Andromeda and Apollo(Andromeda, Apollo in September '04)
Note from David:

technician who works at the vet's office we use had brought them in. Seems her ex-husband saw a dog maul the mother stray to death, and he rescued the kittens before the dog got to them as well. He gave the kittens to his ex-wife, the person at the vet's office. She was unable to take them herself, so she brought them to the vet's to be checked out and have a warm place to stay while she looked for people to take them. It was around this time that we decided to find a stray female kitten in need of rescue to come home with us and hopefully be friends with Calliope. Calliope was very unhappy after Electra died and Hamlet likes to abuse her, so we felt she needed a young cat to befriend. Hamlet was at the vets having a tumor removed and I was in the back about to get him out of the cage to take home, when the vet asked if we had interest in a kitten or two.


I looked at the two kittens and decided to call Donna at work and have her stop at the vet's to meet them. Donna and I decided to keep them, and not break them up. Two morecats were to join our clan. They joined us on September 17th, almost a year after Orion.)

Andromeda and Apollo(Andromeda, Apollo and Orion sleeping)

So David and Donna took us in and gave us our names. I like to run and jump and play with my brother, but not as much as he likes to do it. My hip hurts sometimes and so I like to rest then.

Note from David:

Another side note, Andromeda seems to have suffered some trauma to her hips as a very young kitten. Mostly her left side, but her right side is also not what it should be. Our vet and we believe that wither that dog attacked her or stepped on her going for her mother. It caused the left femur to break near the head and in healing has become about 1.5 inches shorter than her right femur, and the femur head (ball) is very poorly defined and the head does not set right in the hip. Her right femur has a malformed head as well, but not like the left. Her hips also have poor sockets where the femur heads should sit. This will continue to be more painful to her as she gets older and will eventually force us to have surgery on her femur heads. For now we are giving her medications to help the joints and want her to enjoy her kittenhood before she has any major surgery. so for now she is a little less active than she could be and limps, but the bulk of the limp may be from one shorter leg, something that will remain no matter what we have done to correct the bone against bone and arthritis that will come soon.

xray xray xray

You can see the misshap to the hips and femur issues in these x-rays.

I like to play with Donna's lip balm case. She puts it on the table and I like to pick it up in my mouth and bring it to the floor, where I and sometimes Apollo play with it. Donna does not seem too keen on this game though. I also like to lick David and Donna a lot. It is my way of thanking them for all they have done for my brother and me.

On May 27th 2021 at 5:45pm MDT Andromeda left us.

My Info:

  • Gender:
  • Female
  • Color:
  • Black and Tan Striped & Spotted
  • Official Birthday:
  • June 30th, 2004
  • Weight:
  • 9 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Goldish Green
  • Favorite TV Shows:
  • Catnip Video, Kitty Show, and the computer screen
  • Favorite Food:
  • ProPlan for cats, lettuce
  • Likes:
  • Wrestling with Apollo, protecting Apollo, jumping on the fireplace, chasing glowing red bugs.
  • Dislikes:
  • Strangers, Nova bothering me, having my nails trimmed, Perseus
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