My Autobiography

by Apollo

Hi. I am Apollo. That is my mew and purrr you are hearing (or will hear if it loads and you have speakers). My sister Andromeda is also on the web site. We lived outside with our mother when we were small. Sometimes people would put food out for us but mostly our mom fed us and told us not to trust people or the dog that was always coming around and being mean. When we were about 8 or 9 weeks old, that big mean dog ran after us, but mom saved us. She fought the dog, but had to leave forever after the fight. The next thing we knew a big human man grabbed us and put us in a dark box. After a while we met a nice lady who took us to our vet's office. At the office we were given tests and shots and we were really scared.

Andie and Apollo(Andromeda, Apollo in September '04)
Note from David:

A technician who works at the vet's office we use had brought them in. Seems her ex-husband saw a dog maul the mother stray to death, and he rescued the kittens before the dog got to them as well. He gave the kittens to his ex-wife, the person at the vet's office. She was unable to take them herself, so she brought them to the vet's to be checked out and have a warm place to stay while she looked for people to take them. It was around this time that we decided to find a stray female kitten in need of rescue to come home with us and hopefully be friends with Calliope. Calliope was very unhappy after Electra died and Hamlet likes to abuse her, so we felt she needed a young cat to befriend. Hamlet was at the vets having a tumor removed and I was in the back about to get him out of the cage to take home, when the vet asked if we had interest in a kitten or two.

I looked at the two kittens and decided to call Donna at work and have her stop at the vet's to meet them. Donna and I decided to keep them, and not break them up. Two morecats were to join our clan. They joined us on September 17th, almost a year after Orion.)

Anie and Apollo(Andromeda, Apollo and Orion sleeping)

So David and Donna took us in and gave us our names and a nice home. I like to run and jump and play with Andromeda and sometimes with Nova, if he is not being too much of a jerk. I like hanging with my sister a lot and most of the time we are near each other.

Apollo(Apollo plays with his fur ball)

I have a favorite toy. It is a big fur ball and it is really soft. I like to hold it in my mouth and carry it everywhere. I take it to bed with me and sometimes I even take it with me while I eat.

Note from David:

He started out with one of these furr balls. He kept taking it everywhere and finally lost it a bunch of times. I decided I should find more so if he loses one he can have another, and after searching I found some that were very close (just a bit smaller). Now he has 12 and he does not even know it!

I also love to sit on David's lap while he sits at the computer. Many times while I am there I see a funny little arrow on the screen, and I livew to chase it, but that annoys David. I also seem to have a small snake that follows me everywhere. It does not seem to want to hurt me, but still I dislike having it tag along behind me all the time. After a while I get sick of it and try to attack it, but it is really fast. If I turn quickly it always seems to anticipate my every move and will stay behind me. I have tried a fast spin, multiple twirls and spins and even high jumping with a spin/twist, but that stupid snake seems to always stay behind me. Even worse is that the other cats are all in cahoots with the snake and all attempt to deceive me. When I ask how close the snake behind me is, everyone claims there is no snake there. But I can see it through the corner of my eye and know it is there. Let the other cats have their fun with their little joke. In the end the joke will be on them when I catch it!

Apollo(Apollo carrying his fur ball)

I learned that if I sat in the loft and looked down, David would look up and say "Hello" to me. It took a while but I trained him to say "Hello" a lot. I learned to mimic him after a while and then I learned to say my name. David told a lot of people about how I could talk, but no one believed him. Then one day David had a camera handy when I did it and he posted it on CoolCyberCats and YouTube. Someone at Animal Planet contacted David and asked to use the clip in 2010 for part of a show called America's Cutest Cats. Though they only show part of the video and never mention my name, I feel famous!

On November 9th 2023 at 5:45pm MDT Apollo left us.

My Info:

  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Color:
  • Black and Tan Striped & Spotted
  • Official Birthday:
  • June 30th, 2004
  • Weight:
  • 10 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Goldish Green
  • Favorite TV Shows:
  • Catnip Video, Kitty Show, America's Cutest Cats
  • Favorite Food:
  • ProPlan for cats
  • Likes:
  • Loudly demanding things, wrestling with Andromeda, following David, running fast, spring boarding off doors, chasing glowing red bugs, saying "Hel-low"
  • Dislikes:
  • Strangers
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