Calliope's Biography

by David

Calliope is our white tornado. When she is in a playful mood, watch out as she can get wild. Calliope loves to show off when people come over and she will writhe on the floor in front of them and may even follow them around the house.


Calliope has to be one of the stronger cats I know. In my favorite picture that I have of her I like to think she looks like a burly Russian arm wrestler striking a pose for the camera.

Calliope(Da! I am Ivan the strong! Want to arm-wrestle me?)

Though for such a wild soul and strong cat, she is very timid and allows Hamlet and Orion to beat up on her far too often.. At the time of my writing this, she is still getting over Electra's loss, tending to stay alone upstairs. She and Electra grew up together and Electra was her protector against the likes of Hamlet and Orion. Hamlet has never really liked her for some reason, and since Electra is no longer there to protect her, Hamlet is getting into a lot more fights with her and stalking her more often. If she only realized how strong she is and would use her strength to her advantage, Hamlet would leave her alone. Lately she has started to come downstairs more often and keep us company in the evenings, and I am very glad she may be starting to come out of her shell and get over the loss of Electra.

Calliope(Our little princess)

Her nickname is "Vicious killer princess" because of how wild she gets when playing. She is the most graceful cat when jumping that I have seen. Watching her clear the baby-gate at the stair bottom, you would swear that she is sailing over the gate with no effort, and seems to hang in mid air for a long time. The Michael Jordon of cats if you will.


If ever there were a beautiful, white, sweet, vicious killer princess, it would be Calliope. She is one special cat.

Calliope stretching(Gotta stretch those quads if I am to maintain my graceful jumping.)

On March 7th 2009, Calliope left us after a long battle with renal failure.

I badly miss our beautiful, white, sweet, vicious killer princess and how she loved to lay in boxes.

roseIn loving memory of Calliope.
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