My Autobiography

by Nova

Hi. My name is Nova. David sometimes calls me "Super Nova". I used to live outside. I first saw David around June of 2004 when I was less than a year old. I used to come around the house and hunt for things to eat in the back and side of the house. Each time I saw David and he saw me I would run. I had no idea if he was nice or not and he was a lot bigger than I was/am.

Nova(outside on the deck before I was taken in)

I later found my way up the road about a mile and would steal food from the trash at a house there. They had several large and scary dogs too, but it was a free meal and worth the risk. Eventually the people who lived there began to come out and chase me off and then set a big cage trap out. I managed to avoid the trap though.

Nova(my first time exploring the "apartment")

On the days and nights I would go to David's house, I began to come on the deck. I noticed that there was food in a nice bowl there and I could get a nice meal with out worrying about the big mean dogs. As an added bonus I could play with the inside cats through the glass.

One day when David tried to come outside when I was there, I decided not to run. After all he was leaving me food and water, which was a nice thing to do. Eventually I let him get close to me and we became friends quickly. I liked to rub against his leg and he would pet me and talk to me. He began to call me Nova. I would come by in the evening and spend an hour or so there and David and Donna would talk to me through the door or window. They even put out a cup bed for me to lay in!

Nova(relaxing in my apartment)

In late December the temperature began to drop a lot and it was becoming very cold out. Lucky for me I have a thick coat of long fur. But David worried about me as the temperatures fell below 0F and on one night when it was below -10F he came outside and picked me up, then carried me into my own apartment! It was warm and dry in there and it was really big too!

After over a month of being in the apartment and going to the vet a few times, David and Donna began to let me in the house and I finally met the other cats. I am not one to want to be a leader, so I try to be a nice and let everyone know I have no greed for power. Hamlet, Leo and Apollo have pretty much accepted me now. Orion does not like me much and will try to beat me up. Andromeda does not like me and will hiss and growl at me. Calliope does not trust me and runs from me, though I try to chase her and play with her when she is around.

Nova(having a serious conversation with David)

I know things will settle down for me and I hope all the other cats and I can become good friends.

On May 26th 2015 at 5:35pm MDT Nova left us.

My Info:

  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Color:
  • Orange and White (with a THICK white mane around my neck)
  • Official Birthday:
  • June 28, 2003
  • Height (sitting):
  • 20 inches
  • Length w/Tail:
  • 35 inches
  • Weight:
  • 12lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Goldish w/ a hint of green
  • Favorite Music:
  • Anything but Perry Como Christmas Music
  • Favorite TV Shows:
  • Catnip Video
  • Favorite Foods:
  • Friskies, Catsip Milk
  • Likes:
  • Sitting on David's lap, having belly rubbed, being brushed, trying to steal David's dinner, chasing Calliope
  • Dislikes:
  • Perry Como Christmas Music
RoseIn loving memory of sweet Nova. The most handsome long hair orange and white cat there ever was.
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