My Autobiography

by Perseus

Hi. My name is Perseus, but David likes to call me Percy. I don't remember a lot about my life before I was rescued, just images and smells really.

This is the post to the message board when David told people about me:

July 2nd 2010

Someone found a kitten in the median on the road by our office. He was taken home by one of the other employees Wednesday evening, but she cannot keep him. We brought him to my vet Thursday afternoon. I know some people at work were wondering who was going to pay for the vet care and boarding, but without question we will take care of the bill.

He is gray and white and about 4.5 to 5 weeks old. Something or someone had singed his whiskers, gave a burn discoloration to his face and cut up his paw pads on his front paws. We have no idea what or who did it or how. He is FIV/FIP negative and it eating canned food now. He has a bad virus and is sneezing a lot and one eye is swollen (from the virus or what ever caused the "burn" damage, if it were a fire cracker, but no way to know). He vet believes it is likely the result of the virus. He is in isolation at the vets and on meds now. People are trying to home him, but we really like him too. If no one takes him then sometime next week we will look at him as a serious 6th. The people at work called him Lucky. If we get him he will have to get a celestial theme name of course. ;)

Perseus(My first picture)
My paws were not healing as well or quickly as had hoped, so they had to bandage them up with medication on them. I had to stay like that a couple of weeks.
Perseus in bandages
But that was okay. I learned to get around with a bit of work.
Perseus in bandages
I did not let the month at the vet get me down though.
Perseus in bandages

When I came to my home I was given a bunch of toys! I liked the furry ones best. One of my favorites was a fur ball.

Perseus with fur ballMy toy fur ball and me

As I got older I learned to love the Da Bird toy. I like to jump and run to catch it.

Playing with Da BirdPlaying with Da Bird

Nova has become a great friend of mine. He likes to lay with me and play with me. For some reason Orion and Andromeda really hate me and will fight with me. I have to hide when I see them. I do not understand why they are so mean to me. David tries to work with them to help them to accept me, and sometimes it works a bit and then other times it does not. Orion is the meanest to me, so David makes him wear a jacket called a Thunder Shirt. He says it helps calm him down, and when he is in the shirt he does seem to be a bit more tollerent of me. I hope that one day Orion and Andromeda will not hate me so much.

My Info:

  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Color:
  • White and Grey
  • Special Markings:
  • Heart shape on my right side, to dots on the tip of my nose
  • Official Birthday:
  • June 1st, 2010
  • Eye color:
  • Green
  • Likes:
  • Wrestling with Nova, Donna, Cat Catcher Mice, walking on the keyboard when people use it, chasing glowing red bugs.
  • Dislikes:
  • Strangers, Orion, Andromeda, loud noises, having my nails trimmed
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